Metroid 2

Play Metroid 2 here, one of the best flash games ever made!

Welcome to Metroid Elements, the sequal to the game Metroid Genesis, only in the style of the classic Metroid games. I do not own any of the characters in this game. They all belong to Nintendo. This is only a tribute, a remake from the original NES game to flash.

First off, this game is difficult. Do not play this game if you dont have much time. If you must do, there is a password continue feature. The aim of the game is to explore and progress as high up the pyramid as possible. If you are having difficulty, look around. There IS a way, you just have to explore..

Controls: Use the left and right arrows keys to move left and right.
Duck: down arrow key.
point the gun upwards: Up arrow key.
Jump: Z Key
Fire: X key.
More instructions are given as new items are found.

One last reminder. This game is possible, so don't complain that it ins't. Each boss has a weakness, you just have to find it. Theres always a way to progress. You just have to explore. There's an auto map to help you remember where you've been.

It's a pretty great game, but you need a good computer to play it. If your having trouble playing it in your browser you can just download it here. Make sure your right click and save as to your desktop.

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